Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE 2011

The term high tech has never had a more suitable subject to describe outside of NASA than the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE. Traction control, launch control, wheelie control, triple ride-by-wire riding modes, quick shifter, and its even got blinkers incorporated into its mirrors!

Best and Free Android Applications

Google is one of the best developer in every field of web apps and gadgets all over the world and we all know that what is Google and without Google what is life

Ducati Diavel 2011

For 2011, Ducati further expands its customer base with the Diavel, a weird new roadster built within the power-cruiser idiom.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000: Yosh R-77 Exhaust (2011)

Looking for additional horsepower on your 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 while enhancing the overall look of the motorcycle?


Set in a nearby future, Brink attempts to do something different with multiplayer gaming by focusing on free-running and parkour. With some good ideas, Brink borders on fun, but its repetition, lack of depth, and graphical problems keep it from being a real contender

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to download free at scribd.com without registering

You must already know scribd.com right?! One of the largest web that provides a wide variety of books or documents in PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. This indeed provides features viewer, print, download. But only those who registered was the one who "allowed" to download the document on scribd.com.
Sure, to register in scribd.com free. But, for those lazy types like me definitely do not want that complicated. Moreover, to register: D
Short post this time will discuss about it
OK, just for my friend who wants to download for free at scribd.com without registering, this is it :

1. Open http://scribd.com/mobile
2. Copy the title of the file you want my friend downloaded the search field.
3. If the file already appears press the Download Now button
4. Do not forget to rename the file, though not in replace when we download other files (because the default name of the document 'download')

Well, how?! Easy right?!
Hopefully useful to you;)

Windows 8 is a Mistery

Window 8 is becoming a mystery day by day after back to back leaked information about it.And I guess James bond is also spy on the Microsoft's center to check about the truth what is truth about window 8 and what is different in window 8 in comparison to previous version of Windows OS.As we heard lots of news about Window 8 Official, unofficial Wallpaper to Window 8 User Interface and more you can read

Now Main thing which is creating curiosity in mind of users is that how Window 8 going to look like and what are new feature which are added to this version of window 8 .So today's article is totally based on this theme in which FebryPlay is going to give a Preview and Concept of Window 8 which give and idea to all user How Window 8 going to look like.

So first Of all let we have look at video which is showing the neat ,clean concept of window 8 which i search on youtube while searching stuff related to window 8 is shown below :

After watching that window i think we have little idea how window 8 is going to look like and this is totally a different Experience then other Window OS which is used till.So we can just wait for release of window 8 so that we can know about truth of window 8.

Upcoming Game Need For Speed : The Run


Need For Speed is the name which is mainly knows for provider of best racing games which is played all over the world. As Need For Speed Created very big games in the history of racing games like Shift2, Most Wanted, Undercover world and many more .And today they added another name in the list of racing game which is announced to be as Need For Speed : The World.

The world’s most notorious drivers on the country’s most dangerous roads. In Need for Speed The Run, you’ll weave through dense urban centers, rocket down icy mountain passes and navigate narrow canyons at breakneck speeds, all the while evading a relentless police force prepared

Need For Speed :The World is Another Upcoming Racing game by Need for speed which is officially announced today .Since the release of Undercover, Black Box has been working on another entry to the franchise, presumably continuing the action focused street-racing gameplay of Black Box's previous titles. This game has an extended development window to give the developers a chance to create a game that "could really blow the doors off the category".It is confirmed that the game will feature a fictional storyline and characters .

The Run also consist of some Autolog feature,which is main reason for the popularity of last year's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. And i think we also expect Autolog's core features in friend-tracking and matchmaking to stay in The Run.Also like other previous games by NFS The Run will be provide cool 3DS Experience.

Release :
It is expected that Need For Speed:The Run will hit gaming Market  in November 15 not confirmed,You can also set your Preorders for "The Run"
Platform : 
Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, Nintendo 3DS

Kawasaki Ninja 1000: Yosh R-77 Exhaust (2011)

Yoshimura R-77 Exhaust 
Looking for additional horsepower on your 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 while enhancing the overall look of the motorcycle?
Yoshimura has the answer with their R-77 Exhaust slip-ons, available in various configurations for the Kawasaki Ninja 1000.
The R-77, which was designed from racetrack feedback of Rockstar Makita Suzuki riders Tommy Hayden and Blake Young, feature a trapezoidal shape that "allows a large volume of packing material and in turn delivers top performance." 
Yoshimura says with a straight baffle and removable low-volume insert, the R-77 muffler's front cap is MIG-welded, while the end cap is riveted using high-end 304-L polished stainless steel rivets and bands. You can get the muffler in stainless steel, titanium, or race-inspired carbon fiber.

The R-77 comes as a slip-on muffler, which attaches simply onto the stock exhaust mounting slip-fit, or on various full Yoshimura exhaust systems. The cone end caps come in either polished stainless steel or carbon fiber and the slip-on itself is mounted with a stainless steel mounting clamp.
R-77 Dual Slip-on - Stainless/Stainless/Carbon Fiber
Part Number: 1415020520
MSRP: $799
R-77 Dual Slip-on - Stainless/Carbon/Carbon
Part Number: 1415020220
MSRP: $999

Monday, May 30, 2011

Assassin's Creed Revelations

The June issue of Game Informer magazine promises to reveal the first details on Ubisoft's new historical action-adventure title, Assassin's Creed Revelations. According to the mag, the game will star Ezio, the main character from the Assassin's Creed 2 and Assasin's Creed Brotherhood.

The story sounds like it's taking a step in a new direction. This time around you'll control each of the franchise's main characters, Altair, Ezio, and Desmond. Plus, as we reported, you'll be going abroad and exploring new places like Constantinople, Turkey.
Assassin's Creed Revelations will also feature, "a brand new weapon and tool that changes the way you'll fight and traverse the world," according to Game Informer. Based on the picture above it seems to be called a "hookblade" that will help you hang on walls.

Plus, there's a brand new customizable multiplayer game. It seems many people were on the fence about Brotherhood's multiplayer, it's intersting that Ubisoft decided to include it once again. Perhaps they've learned from previous mistakes and won't repeat them this time around.

Assassin's Creed Revelations is slated for a November release but the first details didn't include the game's associated platforms. We're going to hazard a guess that it will be out for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source : www.g4tv.com

Barcelona's Messi Master Class Carves Manchester United

Lionel Messi, right, scores Barcelona's second goal past Manchester United's Patrice Evra, centre, and Rio Ferdinand. Photograph: Manu Fernandez/AP
There was no repeat of 1968 Wembley euphoria for Manchester United in their bid to lift a fourth European Cup, just an unwelcome reminder of how it felt to be outplayed in 2009 in Rome. Once again United could not get enough of the ball to do themselves justice, once again their most experienced players were unable to impose themselves, and for a second time in three years Barcelona did almost exactly as they pleased.
It is supposed to be United who do what they want, or so their supporters have taken to singing, though few had the stomach for that particular ditty after seeing their side even more comprehensively taken apart than was the case two years ago. With Lionel Messi dazzling once again, United only had Wayne Rooney's aggression with which to counter some scintillating passing and movement, and only some erratic, almost casual finishing from the Spanish side prevented the score reflecting what a mismatch this really was. Barcelona could easily have been three goals to the good by half -time, and must have been in double figures for scoring opportunities in the second half by the time David Villa scored their third to kill off any faint United hopes of recovery.
Barcelona were unable to name quite their strongest team, with their influential captain, Carles Puyol, fit enough only for a place on the bench and Javier Mascherano having to continue as an emergency centre-half. The United line-up was the one everyone had guessed in advance, though Sir Alex Ferguson too sprang a surprise among the substitutes, with Michael Owen's selection nudging Dimitar Berbatov out of the squad.
United began like a team with a well-drilled plan, with Park Ji-sung quickly closing down Dani Alves and Wayne Rooney enjoying some success in the air against Mascherano. For almost 10 minutes Barcelona were penned in their own half, though not uncomfortably so.
The closest United came to an early breakthrough was a raking pass from Ryan Giggs that almost found Javier Hernández in space, but Gerard Piqué just got away with a risky interception.
Lionel Messi had been content in these early stages to alternate between positioning himself high up the pitch and dropping back into his own half in search of the ball, and United sensibly declined to get dragged out of position by following him. He did not remain isolated or idle for long, and by the midpoint of the first half Barcelona were building attacks in the familiar waves around the edge of United's penalty area, with Xavi, Andrés Iniesta and David Villa always involved but Messi never far from the ball or the point of danger. Rio Ferdinand was obliged to block a shot from Villa after Messi's pass created the opening,
Pedro Rodríguez missed the game's first clear opportunity in front of goal, Villa put a shot narrowly wide and Nemanja Vidic pulled off a superbly timed tackle to stop Messi in full flight in the area before the United fans at the end Barcelona were attacking had a chance to catch their breath.
When a Giggs mistake offered Messi a chance he was surprisingly slow to accept, allowing Ferdinand to dispossess him, Ferguson's furious reaction showed the strain United were under. A couple of minutes later, almost inevitably, the first goal arrived. Xavi ghosted across the edge of the United area, biding his time, keeping the defence guessing, until releasing Rodríguez on the right with a flick of the outside of his boot. United realised a fraction too late that here was an option they did not have covered, and Edwin van der Sar was beaten by a low shot into his bottom‑left corner.
What United had to do was find a better reaction than they managed in Rome two years ago, when their self-belief and organisation began to wilt as soon as Barcelona took the lead, and remarkably they found it within seven minutes. When Michael Carrick and Fábio da Silva won the ball following a Barcelona throw on the right Rooney set off on a determined diagonal run, exchanged passes with Giggs and hit a confident drive beyond Víctor Valdés as soon as he had a clear sight of goal.
Barcelona protested with some justification that Giggs was standing in an offside position, though he never touched the ball and was not in the goalkeeper's way. Encouraged as United were by the equaliser, they should still have been a goal down at the interval. Messi carved them open once more, yet somehow failed to apply the finishing touch when Villa declined to shoot and rolled the ball invitingly across the face of goal. It was a bit like Arsenal – over-elaboration in front of goal when a more direct approach might have paid off, but not so much like Arsenal that United could kid themselves their opponents would fall to pieces in the second half.
From the moment Mascherano began the second half with a buccaneering run from his own half into the United penalty area to the 54th minute shot from Messi that restored Barcelona's lead, United were hardly able to get a touch of the ball. Barcelona were not stroking it around in their own half, or moving sideways and backwards in the way they sometimes do. They were creating clear openings, and if anything wasting them through being over-ambitious. Alves had already hit a post and Patrice Evra cleared off his line before Messi claimed his first goal in England.
By that stage he could reasonably have had a hat-trick, but perhaps tired of over-complication, he settled for banging the ball past a possibly unsighted Van der Sar after Iniesta had found him on the edge of the area.
With the game being played at one end to an almost embarrassing degree, Barcelona were literally queuing up to take shots at Van der Sar before Villa scored. The goalkeeper made notable stops from Messi, then Xavi, then Iniesta, before Villa gave him no chance with an exquisite curler, after Nani had come on for Fábio and was immediately let down by his first touch. He probably should not reproach himself too much. Standing next to Messi, almost anyone in the world would look clumsy.

Article Source: www.guardian.co.uk


Set in a nearby future, Brink attempts to do something different with multiplayer gaming by focusing on free-running and parkour. With some good ideas, Brink borders on fun, but its repetition, lack of depth, and graphical problems keep it from being a real contender.

Brink is set atop a floating city called The Ark that has been isolated for over twenty years. A bastion for surviving humans, the Ark is split into two zones, one guarded by security forces, the other by rebels. Brink immediately asks you to choose a side, but, you can take your persistent character through both sides of the bland story, making it pointless. In fact, during character creation, the only permanent choice is a character's facial appearance and their tattoos. Beyond that, you can change your size, look, weapons, class, and faction on a whim. This makes starting multiple characters almost irrelevant, except that experience maxes out at level 20.
There are four classes in Brink, but there's a disappointing lack of definition between them. Due to the nature of Brink's maps, classes require constant changing. One objective might need repairs from an Engineer, while another might have a Medic heal a VIP. But classes don't really play differently. I was often confused when I couldn't drop a turret only to remember I was a Soldier, a class with a different set of skills. There's not much of a chance to pick and master a favorite class.

Brink's one shining aspect is SMART (Smooth Movement Across Random Terrain). Using SMART, holding a single button lets you navigate up walls, over obstacles, and through the game world. Depending on your body size, you can do more or less with movement, but overall this finesse is fantastic. Nothing in Brink feels quite as good as sliding under gunfire into someone, taking them out with a shotgun.

However, it's easy to forget which size your character is in first-person perspective, as movement abilities don't change dramatically. While the Large size allows miniguns and shotguns, they still move only slightly slower than the Medium size. Only Small characters can really burst through levels, leaping off of walls and finding clever passageways.

Brink offers 50 skills to unlock, but only 20 are assigned to a specific character. While some high-level skills can really augment how the game is played, such as the Cortex Bomb or firing while incapacitated, a first level player can generally compete with a twentieth level player if they know FPS games. No skill choice is set in stone, so the ability to reassign points at any given time is available.

Brink gives experience upon completing objectives, killing enemies, and helping the team. There is no incentive to become a lone wolf -- there are more points for reviving a teammate than going it alone. Brink's lack of stat tracking is glaring, though. The official website will launch a stats page, but otherwise level, kills, deaths, and successes are hidden -- those of other players too.

While Brink's campaign explains both sides of story, the missions don't need to be played in order. Brink's entire campaign can be played solo or online. Any gaps in a match's player count are filled in with bots, which can't really compete with the real thing. The AI always makes a full team push to their objective at the last second, so you always know where to be.


You can jump sides at any point outside of a mission, and even general multiplayer just presents the same set of missions, shuffled like a deck of cards. Cut-scenes vaguely indicate a reason to fight. Each faction has a leader and a goal, but neither is very interesting, and the player merely shows up as a background character as other NPCs discuss mission plans and story details.

There are eight maps in Brink, and depending on the faction, the goals are slightly different. Teams either place explosives, hack devices, escort a VIP, or operate machinery on one side, or simply do the opposite for the other faction. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways to tackle these same objectives time and time again on a small number of maps.

Brink's objectives are repetitive, but the level design is better. Because different sizes of characters allow access to different areas, discovering the full breadth of a map will take quite a while. But again, since objective locations never change, I realized there are a finite number of ways to get things done, and grew weary of certain maps. With a game dedicated to the online experience, there truly needs to be more content in this department.
Time plays a huge factor in every match of Brink. While a bomb timer makes sense, there are some truly odd design choices based on an arbitrary ticking clock. For example, when one team needs to save a VIP, the other team's job is to stop them. But when downing the VIP, the team must guard the body lying on the ground for up to ten minutes, just keeping the enemy at bay and waiting for the clock to run out like it's the end of their shift. The waiting is frustrating, especially when dominating a match or if stuck helplessly battling a talented team.

At least the visual design of the overall package looks cool. Brink's elongated characters have a style all their own and leveling up unlocks new clothing options. However, while the art design is cool, the graphical execution isn't on par. During play, Brink suffers from pixelated lines and a murky look, making for a downright ugly game at times. Textures often fail to load properly, and with colored outlines on your teammates and the enemy, the detail in everyone's dress is obscured most of the time.
Closing Comments
An online shooter needs variety, depth, and addictiveness to succeed over the long term. Brink might find a niche with some hardcore fans, but it isn’t for everyone. I'd love to see more of the parkour gameplay, but one mechanic isn't enough to carry an entire game. Brink has heart, but the overall package is lacking.

How to Make Portable Software

Ok, now I want to explain about this tutorial, hopefully can be an additional knowledge for the uninitiated.
This time about how to make software that is installed in order tobe portable or can be run without the installed? Well, what weneed :

1. Computer / Laptop (of course for practice, right?
2. Software Thinstall (to convert the software to install before, it can be downloaded at the link below)
3. Software that would be portable

Well, after you download the program Thinstall earlier, let's follow the way, ok. The concept, the initial state Thinstall earlier record your computer (registry etc.), then you install a program that will be made portable, and Thinstall discover what software is currently installed by scanning the changes (some recently installed software), then software was used as a single-file by ThinstallEasy is not it?

1. Run the file Setup_Capture. This functionis to record the initial state of thecomputer / laptop. Press Start - Pre install Scan. If it is completed do not rush to press the Next, but first install the program you are going to make it portable
2. Install the program / ​​software that will you make a portable, install it as usual.
3. If it is step 2 above, you just press the Post Install Scan in Thinstallafter that you will see the data you just installed. Just press Continue, then Save Result. The default location is in the folder "Captures" that is in the Thinstall folder. Sign in to get there.
4. Inside the folder there Captures the name of your new installed software, go in and press "Build.bat"
5. Thinstall takes some time for converting, be patient
6. And your software is so portable! Its location is inside the folder "bin", Do you see it?
7. Try portable that you created