Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Make Portable Software

Ok, now I want to explain about this tutorial, hopefully can be an additional knowledge for the uninitiated.
This time about how to make software that is installed in order tobe portable or can be run without the installed? Well, what weneed :

1. Computer / Laptop (of course for practice, right?
2. Software Thinstall (to convert the software to install before, it can be downloaded at the link below)
3. Software that would be portable

Well, after you download the program Thinstall earlier, let's follow the way, ok. The concept, the initial state Thinstall earlier record your computer (registry etc.), then you install a program that will be made portable, and Thinstall discover what software is currently installed by scanning the changes (some recently installed software), then software was used as a single-file by ThinstallEasy is not it?

1. Run the file Setup_Capture. This functionis to record the initial state of thecomputer / laptop. Press Start - Pre install Scan. If it is completed do not rush to press the Next, but first install the program you are going to make it portable
2. Install the program / ​​software that will you make a portable, install it as usual.
3. If it is step 2 above, you just press the Post Install Scan in Thinstallafter that you will see the data you just installed. Just press Continue, then Save Result. The default location is in the folder "Captures" that is in the Thinstall folder. Sign in to get there.
4. Inside the folder there Captures the name of your new installed software, go in and press "Build.bat"
5. Thinstall takes some time for converting, be patient
6. And your software is so portable! Its location is inside the folder "bin", Do you see it?
7. Try portable that you created

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