Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Windows 8 is a Mistery

Window 8 is becoming a mystery day by day after back to back leaked information about it.And I guess James bond is also spy on the Microsoft's center to check about the truth what is truth about window 8 and what is different in window 8 in comparison to previous version of Windows OS.As we heard lots of news about Window 8 Official, unofficial Wallpaper to Window 8 User Interface and more you can read

Now Main thing which is creating curiosity in mind of users is that how Window 8 going to look like and what are new feature which are added to this version of window 8 .So today's article is totally based on this theme in which FebryPlay is going to give a Preview and Concept of Window 8 which give and idea to all user How Window 8 going to look like.

So first Of all let we have look at video which is showing the neat ,clean concept of window 8 which i search on youtube while searching stuff related to window 8 is shown below :

After watching that window i think we have little idea how window 8 is going to look like and this is totally a different Experience then other Window OS which is used till.So we can just wait for release of window 8 so that we can know about truth of window 8.

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Great post. I hear windows 8 is amazing. My friends dad just got it and he loves it. I am going to the Microsoft experience center in Dayton in May. I can't wait to get a hands on introduction to the latest Microsoft technology. Thanks for sharing.

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