Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How to download free at scribd.com without registering

You must already know scribd.com right?! One of the largest web that provides a wide variety of books or documents in PDF, DOC, XLS, etc. This indeed provides features viewer, print, download. But only those who registered was the one who "allowed" to download the document on scribd.com.
Sure, to register in scribd.com free. But, for those lazy types like me definitely do not want that complicated. Moreover, to register: D
Short post this time will discuss about it
OK, just for my friend who wants to download for free at scribd.com without registering, this is it :

1. Open http://scribd.com/mobile
2. Copy the title of the file you want my friend downloaded the search field.
3. If the file already appears press the Download Now button
4. Do not forget to rename the file, though not in replace when we download other files (because the default name of the document 'download')

Well, how?! Easy right?!
Hopefully useful to you;)

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@scribd downloader
thanx u, i hope u like that...

now you can use this http://www.scribddl.com/, because now the tutorials not work

Not working the trick was blocked along time.NEW TRICK .Try this tool(app) should work.(premium access)


Another way to download from scribd.com by third party tool here:


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