Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5 steps to your new site quickly indexed by search engines

When creating a new blog, the most boring and make lazy in my opinion is that when trying to get the new blog quickly indexed by search engines
Because according to my little experience, some Search Engines to index your blog or website, very Moody. That is, the speed of their index may be different from one blog to another blog.

So how do to our blog can be indexed quickly in search engines?
Okay, we discussed one by one here before, do not forget to pray always ask smoothness to God Almighty. :).

1. Register your blog feed to several RSS Aggregator. Feed aggregator I most recommend OctoFinder, and FeedAdage. Why should Feed Aggregator? Hmm .. Because after you submit a feed, it will automatically feed aggregator such as publish and index your latest posts on their site. So the term, we like go look for a name so
* in addition to a little extra traffic, our blog would be a great chance to be indexed in Search Engines, through our posts that there is a link to the Feed Aggregator

2. Blog Community
Blog community, what is it? Open MyBlogLog, BlogCatalog, Blogged, NetworkedBlogs, that's some blog community, so my friend can own defects what is a blog community after my friend signed up to the blog community, we will be given a profile page that has been our blog submit, for example like this, and this.
* because the blog community has been the trusted brand by search engines, so search engines can easily index the links that are on our community blog profile

3. Utilizing social networking sites
mean how? Social network sites scapegoats for a new blog .. Slow it .. Here's what I mean, use the username social sites ex : facebook by using your blog name (URL). Do not forget the column profile websites, enter the URL of your blog. This method is very effective for Search Engine glance into our profile and index the links on the page.

4. Site Valuation & Site stats.
We can use sites like Websiteoutlook, StatBrain, CubeStat, WebTrafficAgents, BuiltWith, Whois, QuarkBase, URLFAN, AboutTheDomain and many others to make auto-generated page after a friend enter the URL of the blog to these sites.
* a little note, they (the site), save cache all URLs that have been submitted. Opportunity Search engines to index the greater our blog

5. Technorati.
Sites that have been very popular, according to wikipedia in June 2008 were 112.8 million blogs indexed! wow .. figure which is fantastic you must register to create an account in Technorati.
* also submit blog blog directory on the web for free air to get high PR backlinks for free, but how this will take some days :)
By using the steps above, a new blog buddies are not impossible to be indexed in less than 24 hours!

Finally, I hope my article this time could be beneficial for all of your buddies
See You..

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