Sunday, June 19, 2011

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is present for the PC

Fixmo Web Messenger is a new application which supports BlackBerry Messenger, or better known as the fuel, to bring new features to the desktop PC version.

Who is familiar with the fuel? almost all young people in Indonesia have been familiar with chat service that was popularized by the BlackBerry gadgets. But for those of you who got bored with the buttons your BlackBerry, do not despair! For a desktop application that is Fixmo Web Messenger comes to you BlackBerry users to make you smile again.

Fixmo Web Messenger is an application that will make your BlackBerry Messenger can be accessed via computer. So you can chat via a large screen and computer keyboard. Features of Web Messenger, among others, can be assessed via a PC and a Mac and a good safety level. Fixmo Web you can access through the official website Fixmo, Fixmo Web Messenger Web Messenger Fixmo iGoogle and Facebook.

You can have a web messenger application Fixmo priced $ 2.99 or approximately IDR. 26,000, - through PocketBerry Store, while still promoting.

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