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Who does not know Maxis? In addition to successfully instituted Serial The Sims, one of the unique game that included success is Spore, where we can make life at the cellular level to start from outer space civilization. Now Darkspore has come and ... does not represent features such as spore. But do not be disappointed first, let's see what is on offer Darkspore!

In The Beginning
After the installation is complete we will be in the face "launcher" should the game online, here auto patch will go after the "launcher" has finished the patch (or none at all if no updates) then we will enter Darkspore.

The first time we see is a login screen, yes really like (again), an online game where you must login first before start playing, at the login screen is also the menu option is available, not so special are the options in the offer, and so on pity there is no subtitle.

Lets Play The Game
After login, players will get a tutorial and background story about darkspore, then players can get points to unlock heroes. Heroes? yes when likened here players can use 3 heroes in a squad that can swap while in the field. Each has a unique heroes of each depends on the Race and its type

There are 5 Race namely : 
1.  Quantum : The ruler of time, usually Hero of the race is able to manipulate space and time like teleport or speed up movement. There is no place that can not be crawled by quantum heroes, but these things can be used as weapons by the quantum, when attacked, the quantum is not only able to slow the enemy but can also move the enemy at a disadvantage
2. Necro : We will always bounce back, hero necro has the ability to survive high as reviving the soul sucking friend or enemy. Also look creepy necro bias so that some of the necro skill to cause the enemy hit status of "fear" that resulted in the enemy running around aimlessly
3. Plasma : the attack is the best defense, plasma is a collection of heroes who have the ability to attack the really "to the point" they do not worry about effects like poison or slow but more likely to "attack and subsequent attacks will be more painful than the previous attack", thus debuff that is given by the plasma is usually in the form of amplify damage 
4. Bio : Face the forces of nature, perhaps it is the sentence that best describes Bio race, they have a high harmony with nature so that it has the correct strength - completely different from any other race. Bio can have a pet and can use poison, not to mention their ability to withstand the enemy with skill root. 
5. Cyber ​​: Technology is a weapon, no race is more advanced than cyber, they have the capabilities that tend toward technology, laser sword (aka lightsaber) and the energy shield is part of the cyber, do not forget the dangerous laser fire 

One thing to note is that if the player met darkspore who have the same race with a player hero use, then the damage is in receipt of Heroes players will be at 2x! because it has a variation is necessary (either in one squad ato has more than 1 squad)

For himself, there are 3 types of fruit types, namely : 
1. Sentinel : type that describes high-level defense and heavy attacks, but produces great damage.
2. Ravager : agile type, which usually attack quickly and can result in critical damage with the possibility that large, but weak in terms of defense
3. Tempest : type witch where defense and low attack, but the damage produced by the skills superior to the other 2 types.

There are 2 choices to play the Campaign or PvP, PvP unfortunately I can not try because of knock-level requirements
For the campaign we can play together with friends with the invite feature, or by using a matchmaker to join at random.

Control in the game is simple enough to swap heroes QWE, 1 to 5 to use the skills and mouse for movement and the target. Every heroes will have 3 skills and 2 empty skill slots will be filled by the skill of the heroes who was on the bench.

 The interface itself is quite satisfactory, very impressive gore effects diablo classics where the burst was so much blood. Do not forget the environment in darkspore could say quite beautiful. Unfortunately I can not do screenshots using fullscreen mode so all the pictures that are here are not the maximal effect of darkspore itself.

When we kill darkspore, then darkspore will usually drop the equipment or, and this is where the factors that can make us addicted, equipment has a rarity like RPG games in general, but some equipment here, including "unnatural" like a ball eyes, or mouth that has the effect buff .

When we run our mission will have several objectives, the functions of completing these objectives is to increase our chance to get an item with a rarity better when receiving gifts, affection that is given objective was monotonous. There are 2 types of objectives that is the Standard that will always exist and which are daily Daily. Objective standards usually have to kill 100% darkspore or should look for an object while the daily can be either destroy all objects. Besides the two above objectives there are also secret objective that is usually ... in secret.

BGM on darkspore depend on his world to produce the right mood, as in the world who are more likely on the technology typically heard songs with shades of sci-fi. As for his sound effects, well not exactly wow as well, but still interesting snacks including the voice of the heroes who sometimes voiced (according to their race) if it finds items that match the race or the time pressed and when issued a particular skill.

Long Long Time Ago Far Far Away From The Galaxy ...
There is a genetic mutation called darkspore, these mutations cause the spore to be out of control and continues to conduct the invasion. We are the one who managed to save themselves and by using the DNA of our past heroes must save the planets from attack darkspore.
That's the core story of darkspore, simple indeed but presented in a form that is quite interesting, is not as deep story caliber mass effect, but I guess not too bad, too.

This is our Ship ...
Not only that have a Commander Shephard spacecraft with 3 floors, We also have it on this darkspore game. Ship is a form of lobbying for us, here also we can set the heroes and the squad that will be used. 
On the ground floor there is a collection of heroes and ship squad, on this floor, we can buy upgrades 

Middle floor is where we change the look of heroes, so this really is the floor where the features editor to edit spore is here, but still limited.

Then on the top floor we can choose game modes and missions that wish to run.

Last Word ...
It could be said that darkspore quite disappointing for fans who expect spore sandbox, where players can actually create a race and developing countries, unfortunately darkspore close it by providing premade heroes. But that does not mean the game is not darkspore quality, feature packed RPG with a sense that the spore can be spelled out quite interesting as a new game spore is not a sequel, but it darkspore included in a typical game that is interesting to see its development. Collecting equipment, and doing PvP is a major feature of the present in Darkspore, therefore highly recommended to buy the original product if you want to get items that are always updated and enjoy the PvP features that are available.
So whether darkspore included in the category "worthed"? I think yes.

Additional :
Since many are confused this game online or offline so I'm clear:
1. There Autopatch first time double-click the shortcut (such as online game patcher)
2. There is a menu Log into games like online gaming should be.
3. Missions can be done in Solo and Coop
4. Player data stored on the Server Side EA, while the client just the game alone

from the facts above, it can be concluded that the Single Player game Darkspore is Online.

Scoring :
Gameplay = 7.5
Story = 6.5
Graphic = 7.5
Sound = 7.0
Overall = 7.5

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