Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Download Angry Birds the Latest Version

Who does not know the game Angry Birds? The gameplay is now on the rise and loved by the owners of smartphones. Angry GameBirds is a game which became a phenomenal best-selling games in both the iPhone (IOS) as well as Android and Symbian smartphones. Angry Birds also have managed to record a fairly remarkable success by appearing as the games that are downloaded in large enough quantities and in a short time to reacha high level of popularity in every application store.
Angry birds consists of maching Bird (Yellow), Aves Dratus (Red),Egg Beaters (White), Glass Jaw (Blue), Parabeak (Green) andKamikaze (Black)They all are Angry Birds, game production from the Rovio Mobilephenomenal lately. In this game we are challenged to solve puzzles by destroying the building where he hid the green pigs by using a family of birds that have various specialties and functions. What often makes forget the time when playing this game is when we do not succeed destroy his puzzle and should be kept repeating with a different strategy. And when it has managed to destroy the puzzle but there are not satisfied if you do not get 3 stars then repeat itagain. Although often repeated this game we will not feel bored even be more curious to get the highest score.

For the fans AngryBirds who want to try playing this game but do not have the IOS platform, Android, or Symbian in the smartphone or tablet PC can now feel what he called the game. Angry Birds is now available for Netbook / Laptop and PC-based operating system Windows XP and Windows 7. Angry Birds to your desktop PC platform includes a 195-level.

Download Here for Windows :
via MegaUpload
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Download for Mac :
via Mediafire

Maybe you need this password : 717680@IDWS

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