Monday, June 6, 2011

How To Download Fast & Free In 4shared, Rapidshare, Hotfile, MegaUpload, etc

Group for the lovers of surfing cyberspace, it feels incomplete if it does not download anything on the internet, either mp3, movie, software or other, maybe you often use to download is through, but what happens if you become old downloads , because you only in limit as regular visitors (not premium), well to change that situation, I would menshare about How.

How To Download On Fast & Free is very easy and practical, before I've tried several ways but many have failed, there is a way to use Premium Generator Tool 4shared and by replacing the ID Download on 4shared, but all the tricks it already does not apply / working again may be due to 4shared Reset Tools Systemnya so it does not work.

Tips and Tricks Download Fast & Free at this time will also involve a 3rd party to help download at 4shared you can as fast as lightning.
Tricks Download Free Premium can be used on account 4shared, Rapidshare, Hotfile, MegaUpload, etc. This time I Experiment on 4shared account. If the others you can try for yourself and please review here.
The advantage of this trick is:

* Speed ​​Download can much more quickly than usual.
* File Downloads can be Followed if your connection is slow.
* You do not need to be left waiting for, such as downloads on 4shared who have to wait long.

Both immediately wrote, following Tips and Trick Download Fast & Free :

1. As always you go to and look for the file you want to download.

2. To get the download link in 4shared there are 2 ways:
a. (How To The Public), you would wait to get the download link 4shared, there are a few seconds / second that you wait until the download link appears, the time you wait is 10-500 seconds or more,
b. (Ways), you can speed up the count at 4shared waiting time of 500 seconds can count immediately stayed only 1 second. 

>>> You can use the following code to accelerate the time at 4shared : <<<

       javascript: alert (c = 1)

Copy the code above into your browser address when the average waiting time at 4shared appear, automatically you will be left waiting time of 1 second after that the download link will appear.
Actually there is a code that could make a second stay "0" to use the code below:

javascript: alert (c = 0)

However, the code above to make the download link 4shared into error, may 4shared know with this trick, so 4shared has blocked it, then I suggest you use the Code Number 1 on top of this code (javascript: alert (c = 1)).

3. Once you get the link download files from 4shared 2 above manner, then Right Click on Download Link -> Select Copy Link Location.

4. Open Tool Once open. ->> There's some kind of tool with the above: (expired)
  <<- Recommendations 

5. Download Link 4shared paste that you have a copy earlier in the section: Link to transload:  

  6. Then click transload / transload Files. (in the future will perform a Pop-Up / open the Web page automatically, let alone open a page that automatically opens earlier)

7. Then click once again transload / transload Files. Wait a few seconds until the download link is Shown, such as the following picture:

8. Finally Click on Download Link (like the links that I circled in the picture above), or you can copy and Download Links Download these files using IDM.

Explanation ->> How it works This trick is actually Files we want to download will be in the Upload to Server Tools at the top. Upload ???,, Upszz calm, Tools on File Uploading only takes a few seconds only, with a speed of thousands of MB / Second

Hopefully Helpful For You... 
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just use copy your url than paste there, after that just click generate

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