Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Improve Ability Blackberry

Blackberry for some circles have become inseparable in life. For businesses, they use this smartphone to support its business like to edit a document, to smooth relations with clients. But like a computer, the more frequently used, the longer the performance / performance of the blackberry will decrease.
Performance degradation can be caused by blackberry depletion of memory space in RAM or on the Storage. To improve the performance of your Blackberry again, this Blog wrote How to Increase the Capability Blackberry, along with the things that affect the performance of the Blackberry.


Here's How to Improve Ability Blackberry:
Delete Applications Rarely Used

Sometimes Blackberry users frequently downloading / installing applications from appworld but rarely used. Often these unused applications that are not in the uninstall. Well this is the applications that eat up memory space already allocated for the application, and will affect the performance of the Blackberry. Therefore you should be more selective in the application and throw it to install applications that are rarely used to give a more spacious place in the memory space. This could improve the performance of your Blackberry with a significant,
Past Appointment Remove from Calendar Blackberry calendar feature indeed have the ability to store Appointment. Despite consuming less memory, but if you frequently use and are not removed, then the longer it definitely will affect the performance of your Blackberry. The solution, remove all unused Appointment older. Or setting your calendar feature to remove Appointment after 15 days. Way, click Options-> General Options, then select the keep appointmen and set it to 15 days. Your appointment will then be automatically deleted after 15 days.
Delete Old Messages Just like Appointment, this message will also affect the performance of the Blackberry if accumulate so much. The solution is to delete old messages or unused. Or setting the message storage time to 15 days. Menu-> Options-> General Options-> change Day to keep messages to 15 days
Remove Video Samples Congenital Usually videos of this sample is always included in the Blackberry to test video player. Because of good quality, this video certainly takes no small amount of memory. You better just delete this sample video to provide more relief of memory space
Clear cache and cookies from the Browser This action will greatly affect the speed of your browser if your browser blackberry congenital felt slow. Menu-> Options-> Cache Operations and select clear. Deleting browser history also includes how to improve the performance of blackberries.
Clean the memory of the No Need to Use When an application is used, then the application will store data temporarily in RAM. But sometimes some applications do not release it even though it has not used the application. Now for the improving performance of the Blackberry, you must delete them manually. Settings-> Options-> Security Options-> Advanced security options-> Memory Cleaning and then press the Clean Now button.
Clear Event Log You can also delete the event logs to improve the performance of your BlackBerry performance. Do I press alt-LGLG. Press menu and select Clear Log. 

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