Thursday, June 16, 2011

How to install the sitemap to webmaster tools

Perhaps many are curious and wondering how the hell do I install XML Sitemap on Blogspot. If you blog using WordPress you can install a plugin that will automatically generate the Sitemap.
Can Blogspot fitted like that?
Yes, of course it could. Blogspot has been made ​​automatically. If at Blogspot his sitemap file name is atom.xml. Its location in
We live to submit the file to Google Webmaster Tools. Of course before we need to verify the blog first. see picture below:

verifikasi google webmasters tool 
Verification Blog

To verify the blog, the easiest way is to insert META TAG between HEAD tag in Blogspot template that we use. For that select Add a meta tag on the Choose verification method option in Google Webmaster Tools.

Click the Layout - Edit HTML on Blogspot (after login). Paste the meta tag code provided by Google Webmaster Tools under the TITLE tag. or head

 memasang kode html dari google webmaster
Click Save Template button to save the changes. After that click on the Google Webmaster Tools Verify button to process the verification of the blog.

Entering Sitemap

memasang sitemap 
The procedure for adding a sitemap is also the same. Just to note that the Sitemap URL is to be filled with  
Replace name with the name of the blog-blog you have. if the atom.xml failed. alternatively you could try adding rss.xml or feeds / posts / default or
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 100
That's all we need to do. Easier is not it?

Good luck.

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