Tuesday, June 7, 2011

KAT-TUN Boyband

The group name came from the first letter of each of the members names and the boys often seat themselves accordingly during interviews. The pronunciation is supposedly close to the English word "cartoon" (or kah-toon).


1. Kamenashi Kazuya 
2. Akanishi Jin 
3. Taguchi Junnosuke
4. Tanaka Koki
5. Ueda Tatsuya 
6. Nakamaru Yuichi 


In February 2006 it was announced that the group would debut on March 22nd with their single Real Face and album Best of KAT-TUN. Real Face sold 754,234 copies in its first week, surpassing the record held by ARASHI for most copies of a debut single sold in the first week and giving it the #1 position in the yearly charts. As of May 22nd, 2006, it has sold over a million copies.

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