Friday, June 3, 2011

Microsoft announced Windows 8, One OS to All Gadgets

Microsoft through D9 conference conducted in the United States yesterday to give some idea about its latest operating system is Windows 8. Steven Sinofsky gave initial description of the operating system which is a collaboration of the two previous Microsoft operating systems namely Windows 7 and Windows Phone 7.
The main objective of this new operating system is to make the operating system just as good when used in a tablet with 8 inch screen or on sophisticated computer fitted with a large monitor.This is not negotiable and are crucial for Microsoft, said Steven Sinofsky.
The main changes appear evident from the new interface on thehome screen that take the foundation of Metro UI interface mounted on the Windows Phone 7. All programs can be viewed and styled using the touch of a finger.
Windows 8 are basically two types of applications which support the classical system as in Windows 7 and the second type application written in the form of HTML5 and JavaScript that resemble applications on mobile devices / mobile and fills the screen
One of the main application that becomes part of Windows Internet Explorer 8 is 10 which is also configured to run in this mode. This application has several widgets applications such as stocksweather, and so forth. Although no detailed explanation yet of the front screen can be seen there is a link to the store (the application) as a possible example of Apple's success with the App Store.

Sinofsky also notes that there are some things that are not found in the iPad or iPhone like touch interface and mechanism for distribution of applications and new business models for developers of applications. Windows 8 will support all three while maintaining compatibility with existing Windows programs today.
This operating system has also been prepared not only to chip Intelor AMD processors but also ARM-based chip architecture such as the Nvidia, Texas Instruments and Qualcomm. Microsoft also rebuilt the new operating system with characteristics that require fewer computing resources than previous operating systems.
After details are revealed in Windows 8 D9 conference, Microsoft is continuing the momentum of the presence of these operating systems by displaying several Windows-based devices 8 in the event the ongoing Computex exhibition in Taiwan today.
To the surprise of this exhibition is that the new operating system is displayed on the PC and laptop computers, although Windows 8 is claimed to use interface that will be widely used in tablet PCs.
Navigation can be done by using the keyboard, such as PgUp andPgDn buttons that can navigate the interface to the left and right like in Windows Phone 7. Microsoft also showed that this interface can go hand in hand with conventional Windows shell. This demo also shows a new way to set file with touch interaction, although italso looks a ribbon UI is a mainstay in the current Windows-based applications.

This demo also features USB support for devices based on ARM chip. Internet Explorer 10 for tablets also shown including management tabulation similar to the Windows Phone 7. Microsoft also emphasized that one version of Windows will be run on all devices existing gadgets.
In addition, Microsoft also showed Snapdragon chips are supported by Windows 8. It also said that all the applications on Windows will be able to run on ARM-based devices, including Kal-El chip quad-core processors from Nvidia. Seen any comparison of one application that can run on ARM-based tablet devices and PCs.
Hardware requirements for this operating system appears to continue to be governed by Microsoft. They say that this system will be closely integrated between hardware and software such as Windows Phone 7. Tablets for example, required a minimum resolution of 1024x768 pixels although at a resolution of 366x768 pixels is recommended to get the best experience.
Microsoft scheduled the month of September as the time ofmaking this system as a whole where all things about Windows 8will be explained in more detail later. Whether this system will beable to compete with the IOS, Android, and other modernoperating systems?

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