Thursday, June 16, 2011

Moon eclipse Considered Bring Disease, Is it true?

The phenomenon of a total lunar eclipse on Thursday (16/6/2011) early this morning for the Madurese community called 'Bulen Gering'. This natural phenomenon is considered to be carrying a small disaster and disease.

"Just do not miss the full moon, can-can plants and animals we are going to get disease," said Mbah Harjo, community leaders Banyuputih Village Jatiroto Kidul District.

He added that the story told by his ancestors or grandparents, the presence of a lunar eclipse as a form of black magic and the rise of the demon army carrier. Thus, in order not affected by black magic or disease during the full moon, plants, animals and manusian must wake up to finish 'Bulen Gering'.

"If the night animals, plants and manusian bed rest, if there is a full moon should be awakened, let me not exposed to black magic and disease. If the plant buildings, plants and livestock with the beaten but not too hard, which is an important wake up," says Lamin, owner coffee shop in the Village District Rowokangkung Dawuhan Wetan.

Lunar eclipse which occurred on Thursday (16/6/2011) early today was the first time this has happened in the year 2011. Lunar eclipse is the longest times in the last 100 years.

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