Sunday, June 19, 2011

Onsen Began Favored Foreign Celebrities

What's onsen? Ok, so ....
Have not you guys still hot tub spa at beauty salons? Well, if there ever is a bit in common, it showered a Japanese onsen (approximately there is not in Jakarta), so it's onsen hot spring bath where the water comes from hot springs in Japan of the volcano as many volcanoes as in Indonesia reportedly said it can cure various skin diseases like scabies, chicken pox, rashes, joint disease, etc.. Of course we remember with a hot water bath or often referred to Sari Ater in Bandung Ciater exactly in between Lembang and Subang sorry if wrong. It's also usually a reference to the healing of skin diseases.

There are 5 interesting facts about the onsen in Japan:

1. May not have a tattoo to get a shower. The reason is because the later thought Yakuza

2. No any clothes when bathing in the pool, woww .... naked. The reason should not wear shorts or a towel for fear of clothing that we use existing illness, who would know if the clothes we wear there is illness, and therefore prohibited. Hmm ... it makes little sense. Continue if the guys and girls how one pool? Actually, traditionally, men and women soak together a pool, but the good news for women now provided a special onsen woman, hmm ... bad news for the men,,,? : ((.

3. Usually in rural areas where deket volcano. However, there is also a self-made because much of the volcano is by way of the drill, the hot water comes from geothermal gradient (the higher the water temperature when the wells were dug deeper and deeper) or heat source is unknown.

4. Onsen is not a place but a swimming pool for a relaxing soak, usually the Japanese when the bath while sitting relaxed.

5. The Japanese consider the Onsen is not just a place of recreation but a means of treatment and refreshment, usually Japanese people come to the onsen to refresh your body after working a full day to look more fresh the next day or it could be as a place of healing of skin diseases.

Caution: for people who have heart disease, pregnant women, high blood pressure and low blood are not allowed to bathe because it's onsen temperature ranges between 42 ° C to 50 ° C.

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