Thursday, June 2, 2011

Penetrating how the limit of RAM Windows 7 32bit

Buddy gamer? or 3D designer? Hmm, same thing. Both require a computer device that tough, if you do not want a hobby or a job was interrupted, right? : D
but for users of Windows 7 32bit, there is little constraint. Yes, the maximum RAM that can be read was the problem. Windows 7 32bit can only detect a maximum of 3GB RAM. As with the Windows 7 64bit capable of reading up to 4GB of RAM-even supposedly said to 8GB, ..- woww
Even so, there are few programs or software that supports Windows 7 64bit: (
That's the dilemma: D
Okey, good news for users of Windows 7 32bit buddy. In this post we will discuss how topenetrate the limit of RAM to 4GB Windows 7 32bit

(read until finished before ya buddy, let me not there is an error)
1. First download the software penetrating the limit of RAM Windows 7 here
2. Open program
Click on the circled section

3. Wait for the process .... Patience brother...
Click OK

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