Friday, June 24, 2011


SS501 is one of the boy band that was popular in Korea. They consist of five peopleand is under the auspices of Daesung Entertainment, or DSP. However, the personnelmanagement and then leave it and join the management of other artists.

But that does not mean this boy band split up. They intend to remain together as SS501.SS501 was impressed by the unique name. There is meaning behind the name. 'S' firsttaken from the word superstar while 'S' the second is the Singer. The combination of501 that means representing the five members who are united for eternity.

Their debut debut show with one single titled 'Kyeonggo' in 2005. Despite having many fans in Japan, they opted to remain active in Korea. The reason is because the conditions Heo Young Saeng's throat which needed an operation so take the time torecovery. However, in mid 2006, they successfully held the first concert in Japan titled"Step Up Concert '.

Same with another boyband, SS501 personnel are also busy solo careers. Each has adifferent activity. Only, the frontman, Kim Hyun Joong SS501 say 2011 is likely to go back and make a new album.

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