Friday, June 24, 2011


Boy band T-Max consists of three personnel. They are ShinMin-Cheol, Park Yun Hwa Kim and June They are active since 2007 and is under the auspices of Planet905 Entainment. This boy bandformed by mature because they were trained for approximatelythree years.

Each has advantages of its personnel in their voices. Music that carried the boyband that fills the soundtrack drama 'Boys Before Flowers' is R & B. However, in early 2010 and then, one of its personnel, Park Yun Hwa decided to follow the draft. This decision is surprising their loyal fans.

Park Yun Hwa's departure makes the T-Max finally seeking newpersonnel. They recruited two new members of the Park Joo Hanbiand Chanyang. Now they come up with a new formation that is fourpeople.

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