Sunday, July 3, 2011

Effect of High Paying Keyword (HPK) on Earning

High Paying Keyword or more commonly known as PPC may sometimes overlooked by us all. And by writing an article that contains a High Paying Keyword 1 alone, the pay could be equal to 3 to 4 times our current earnings on a typical day when a typically be below 1 dollar maybe said with HPK can be up to 50-fold. HPK Then it is how? Hmmm Ialso belom further research on what the so-called HPK and what is not.Which obviously does not apply for adsense HPK only but applies to all PPC business. example : Rugs usa

Not only have to wonder, wrote an explanation should read how to search for HPK without waiting for the current master adsense HPK Adsense. Not have to, complicated! should follow these steps. 

How the hell do I find HPK adsense? Well to know the price of a keyword that is used adsense advertisers we can use a tool from Google itself, the Google Keyword Tool. As follows: 

1. Please access the Google's Keyword Tool uses your Gmail account. 
2. Then select the Descriptive words or phrases. 
3. In the textbox enter the keyword (keywords or phrases) that you want to check, at what price, if clicked on by visitors to our blog. 
4. Tick ​​the Use Synonyms. 
5. Enter the code shown there (Type the characters you see in the picture below) and then click the Get keyword ideas. 
6. On the Choose columns to display select Show All. 
7. Select $ USD, under the Calculate Estimates using Max CPC. 
8. Besides the choice of $ USD input 100. 
9. Click the Recalculate button to display the approximate price per click / CPC for keywords that exist. 
10. Click on Estimated Avg. CPC, click again to mengsorting perklik prices. 
11. Thus you will see Keywords and perkliknya prices. It was easy right? No need to bother waiting for the master adsense HPK released a list of this month or this year.

Wait a minute ... this is one more way of looking for HPK to your blog. Below I will explain how to find the highest HPK to your blog, if you are lazy to create a new blog and want to maximize your blog by injecting HPK. For that you need to know what PPC is good for your blog. How: 

1. Still in Google's Keyword Tool. 
2. This time select the radio button (which was a small round) on writing Website Content. 
3. In the Enter a webpage URL Paste the URL of your blog ... there may also enter Permalik articles. 
4. Click the Get keyword ideas. 
5. On the Choose columns to display select Show All. 
6. Perform step 7 to 10 same as above. 
7. How, it is very easy is not it? Hope it helps maximize your income from Google Adsense.
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