Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE 2011

The term high tech has never had a more suitable subject to describe outside of NASA than the Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC SE. Traction control, launch control, wheelie control, triple ride-by-wire riding modes, quick shifter, and its even got blinkers incorporated into its mirrors!

Best and Free Android Applications

Google is one of the best developer in every field of web apps and gadgets all over the world and we all know that what is Google and without Google what is life

Ducati Diavel 2011

For 2011, Ducati further expands its customer base with the Diavel, a weird new roadster built within the power-cruiser idiom.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000: Yosh R-77 Exhaust (2011)

Looking for additional horsepower on your 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 1000 while enhancing the overall look of the motorcycle?


Set in a nearby future, Brink attempts to do something different with multiplayer gaming by focusing on free-running and parkour. With some good ideas, Brink borders on fun, but its repetition, lack of depth, and graphical problems keep it from being a real contender

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Tricks to Sharpen Memory

Memory is identical to the age factor. The more advanced a person's age, his memory decline. However, many ways you can do to maximize the ability of our memory.

1. Brain Gymnastics
Such brain muscles that need to be trained regularly. The trick, create a challenge or a guess-tebakkan for yourself that can sharpen memory. For example, mention the title of old songs, considering the poem as a child, or call the 10 items in the refrigerator.

2. Food
Not only fish oil that can sharpen your memory, but also the material is red and purple foods like blueberries, fruit bits, and scallions. Folic acid rich foods like broccoli, bananas, and legumes are also useful to maintain brain health.

3. White Water
Facts show that the whole organ function will run well when it gets enough water intake. No exception of brain function. Get used to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

4. Sleep Enough

Sleep is needed in order to rest and regenerate body cells. Including brain cells. Therefore, try to get up cooperation both physically and mentally in order to create healthy and quality sleep.

5. Relaxed
Pressure or stress makes the brain work to weaken and difficulty concentrating. In such a case, rest sejek while doing relaxing activities like reading books, playing games online to restore the brain works.

6. Brain teasers
Habits do crossword puzzles available in newspapers or play Sudoku on mobile phones positively beneficial to improve one's memory.

7. Think
Given the one thing that never appeared on the head definitely annoying. When experience, do not panic. Settle down for a moment, thinking about light things like fruits, kinds of water sports, or the names of friends. These activities will help a person more quickly given the important things that he had forgotten.

8. An excursion to the Past
Looking back on the things of the past are not directly train the long-term memory. When returning home for example, try to bring back childhood memories.

9. Thinking Through Images

This method can be practiced when preparing a shopping list. Note the items to be purchased while imagining myself walking down the supermarket aisles and find the desired product.

10. Sport
Perform physical exercise stimulates blood circulation improvements such as jogging, and aerobics. Smooth blood circulation will increase the production of oxygen to the brain which is very useful to sharpen thinking skills.

KMI Will Maintain the Ninja 2-strokes at Least Until 2015

Bombardment of information about square off ditegakanya Euro-3 regulations by the government would no doubt make the issue of termination of production of two stroke engines sticking out. Understandably tolerance Ninja 150 engine currently still limited to the Euro 2. But it did not make the manufacturer of "gang ijo" were afraid

Reiner Sitorus (GM promotion KMI) as reported by Dapurpacu revealed that the Ninja 150 will still be produced at least until 2015. The high demand in several regions make to maintain Skips Kawasaki engine. Statement arguably a breath of fresh air amid the uncertainty of market issues. And according to the personal views of the IMA is doing the right decision. Do not let the vague rumors instead will make consumers fail and feel free to woo the Ninja 150 2 stroke

Still remember the case of Yamaha RX-King, who toppled from the competitive landscape of the market due to the strong public opinion that the 2-stroke engines are prohibited from passing on the streets of the ground water?. The issue of Euro-2 was then toned sound that many people buy sikobra frightened. Various attempts were made tuning fork in order to maintain its existence through engine modifications and the installation of catalic converter. Unfortunately Endeavor failed miserably because consumers do not support it because of fear. The result? production RX-King is officially terminated

In fact until now the cobra still strolled casually. Want to go on the street corners of the protocol or safe area ... the legendary motorcycle is not disturbed. In fact ... now, the much sought after 135cc iron horse. Practical former price high enough for the size of the old 2 stroke motors. Well ... that is, do not be afraid for the biker who already or even want to woo the Ninja 150. Yet KMI expressly says that they still make the Ninja 150 as a flagship product that will be maintained production. Lha ... how to continue after 2015?

There may be a re-review. Upgrade capabilities possible fuel atomizer. Or revolution so that the two stroke engine remains environmentally friendly. I do not know. Let the thought of the IMA. As said by Iwan the termination of a product can not be done if the product itself is still selling well.

Is Kawasaki ER6N Would Undermine Ducati Monster the Market in Indonesia?

Very interesting after reading an article from Iwan on Is Kawasaki Ducati Monster ER6N Would Undermine the Market in Indonesia?. As Japanese manufacturers dare KMI 650cc motorcycle market with a hefty price affordable. Genre mototor make big naked bike we can not help glancing at the red kepabrikan Italy. Because only Ducati's currently listed quite successful Monsters breezed through the ground water series. Maneuver, stretching as well as the Bologna gebrakannya make sales continue to soar in the last 3 years. The question is, whether the market ER6N could threaten the existence Ducati ?

In a logical point of view might be yes. But .... Not if we are able to observe the class target market manufacturers. The point? with a tag of IDR 99 million OTR Jakarta, ER6N more suitable for the biker who wants to ride a class of two-cylinder Ninja 250r. Well calculated residence multiplied by two prices of Ninja 250r ... can the naked 650cc bike. Offered price tag makes it even stronger. KMI will understand these conditions so that the setup of suppressed prices as much as possible with the aim of raising the value of the big motor. Continue what about Ducati ? 

Clearly different!. If we look, consumers who rode Ducati average is one of the upper classes. Where the money is not an issue. Even everyday car is a car-luxury car. It seems impossible that they run away or turn the bow into ER6N Kawasaki product because of money problems. Because their brains are looking for value, but not the prestige or pride. And of course the brand Ducati has it. Do not believe it?? Look at the Ducati Monster wrote down the prices consumers actually disappointed. Let it remain expensive he said.

Now answer honestly, imagine if you were rich people, a lot of money, property billions of IDR On offer Ducati Monster and Kawasaki ERN6, which one you choose??

10 Unique Plants In The World

Plants are a diverse and unique creatures. Some are scary, unique, fierce again! The following plants may seem strange and unique in the world

1. Most plants live in the Old World (Welwitschia Mirabilis)

Indeed, this one does not plant plasticity cool, but native plants Namibia is indeed extraordinary, just the one! These plants have only two leaves and a stem and root system, it cuman ONLY! But these two leaves continue to grow until eventually like Alien. The longer the stem of this plant will be more thick, but not high, the maximum height of the plant is only 
2 feet away but can reach 8 meters wide. Age of these plants can reach 400 to fifteenth century!. Can survive without rain for 5 years! In addition, plants in Namibia called Onyanga this was good to eat either eaten raw or cooked in the coals. Oh yes, the meaning of the name is Onion Onyanga Desert!

2. Carnivore plants (Dionaea muscipula)

Plant this one is the most famous carnivorous plants, because the activity and efficiency in trapping prey. Pair "leaves" that characterizes this plant is a trap that has an ultra-sensitive hair, who can feel the presence of small animals or insects that come. As soon as it touched the hair on the leaves, the leaves will close and trap any animal that approached her.

3. The world's largest flower (Rafflesia arnoldii)

These rare big interest received tremendous attention in the world. Imagine the size of the flowers that can reach 1 meter and its own weight can reach 8 kg to 12 kg. But the problem ndak fragrant smell, even closer to rotten meat. Hence this flower called the corpse flower in our country, which is the native habitat of this flower. This flower will bloom a week or three days, and attracts insects to fertilize with a foul odor emitted by these flowers. Unfortunately, the results of fertilization, only 10-20 percent are successfully grown.

4. Dancing Plant (Desmodium Gyrans)

Darwin named this plant as Hedysarum, or botanists call it Desmodium Gyrans, or of more modern Codariocalyx Motorius. Commonly known name is Grass Dancing (Dancing Grass) or Plant Semaphore (Semaphore Plant), because the movement of its leaves, which is similar to sending a signal semaphore hand movements. This plant grows skeali easy, just need sun and water without the need for complex fertilizers.

5. Baseball Ball Plant (Euphorbia Obesa)

This plant is a plant endemic in the area of ​​the Great Karoo, South Africa. Because its funny, many plant enthusiasts finally take this plant and mengkoleksinya, so the population is heavily damaged. Finally, the plant is protected by the South African government.

6. Carrion flower (Amorphophallus titanum)

Interest on this one big high, even higher than that of humans. Well .. This interest was dubbed the corpse flower, because in addition to smell the carcass was similar, also mimics rotting flesh color. This interest was also widely known in the world community as one of the plants native to Indonesia.

7. Bottle Tree (Baobab)

This tree is a plant native to Madagascar, Africa and Australia. This tree is called a bottle tree, because in addition to its shape which is similar to the bottle, the tree was indeed able to save the up to 300 liters of water! So can grow up to 500 years!

8. Dragon Blood Tree (Dracaena cinnabari)

This plant is native Socotra archipelago. This tree is known by the name or the Dragon Blood Tree of Socotra Dragon Tree. The form is unique, like an umbrella, was only one of these trees unique. Name of dragon's blood of this tree was taken from the sap of this tree is red. Just like the blood of the dragon in Harry Potter, it turns out 'dragon's blood' of the tree is useful for the treatment. Moreover, it turns red 'dragon's blood' this tree is also commonly used as a natural red dye.

9. Resurrection Plant (Selaginella Lepidophylla)

Another name of this flower is a flower Jericho, a desert plant is known for his ability to survive even in times of drought. At the time of the dry season, the stems will shrink and curl into a ball. And so there is water, the rod was going to break away from the roll. This plant is mostly found in the desert of Chihuahua

10. Dynamite tree (Hura brasiliensis)

This plant turns out is one of the plants from the Amazon rainforest. Other nicknames? Tree of Hell, or some are dubbed Tree Sand Box (sandbox tree). Just imagine, the stems covered with sharp spines, and has been like that, it turns poisonous tree sap and is widely used by locals to poison their arrowheads. In addition, they also have fruit. And the fruit of this tree is not messing around, so ripe, the fruit of this tree will explode! Even the explosive power of this tree is capable of injuring humans and animals that accidentally passing near this tree! hence his name like that!

10 Most Destructive Computer and Harmful Viruses

This is the most destructive and harmful viruses

10. CIH - Loss $ 80,000,000

The virus is considered one of the most dangerous viruses and the most destructive ever since it has the ability to remain undetected in the computer memory, and infect every application running. First released in 1998, the CIH virus infects executable files from Windows operating systems 95, 98, until Windows ME.

The virus is also deliberately distributed by software vendors, who provide a major contribution to infect computers. What makes this virus is dangerous is that it has a trigger date. After that date is reached, it overwrite the file on your hard drive and destroy all the contents of the file.

CIH also has the ability to override the BIOS of the computer to prevent the boot up. The virus is also known as the Chernobyl virus because some variants are set to destroy data on computers that coincided with the nuclear power plant accident.

9. Blaster - Loss $ 320 million

Virus Blaster is a complex malware that spreads itself without going through email, but through good security vulnerability in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This malicious software is detected in mid-2003 and at that time to have infected hundreds of thousands of computers.

Once the computer is infected, the virus displays a message box indicating that the system will shut down within a few minutes. He also programmed to launch DDoS attacks to servers run by Microsoft in April 2003. Inside the virus code is also found hidden messages to Microsoft founder Bill Gates that read "Billy Gates, why do you make this happen? Stop making money and fix your software! "

8. Sasser - Loss $ 500 million

Sasser is a fairly complicated computer virus capable of crippling thousands of computers. The virus is made by a 17-year-old student in Germany in 2004. Sasser is not spread by email, and do not require human intervention to infect a computer. This virus infects computers by exploiting vulnerabilities that are present on both machines Windows 2000 and Windows XP, known as the exploit (Remote Procedure Call) RPC - the same vulnerability used by Blaster virus.
Sasser timeline.
Sasser successfully infect and kill thousands of network computers in just a matter of days. After infecting a computer, the virus is programmed to access the Internet for other vulnerable machines so it can infect other computers.

7. SQL Slammer - Loss $ 750 million

SQL Slammer virus is the most destructive ranked seventh in this list. Appeared in January 2003, spread quickly via the Internet. At that time the virus could make Bank of America ATM service crashes, the collapse of Seattle 911 service, and Continental Airlines canceled some flights because of an error check in and ticketing.

6. Melissa Virus - Loss $ 1,200,000,000

Made in 1999 by David L. Smith, Microsoft Word basics macros. It spreads via email with the document "Here Is that document you asked for, do not show it to anybodey else." Virus also has infected up to 20% of computer owners worldwide. When it comes to be opened, the virus will replicate and automatically sent to the top 50 in your email address book. Smith was jailed 20 months for his actions and was fined $ 5,000 and barred from accessing the computer without supervision.

5. Code Red - Loss $ 2,000,000,000

Unlike other viruses, this is a virus that is targeted to a computer running Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) Web Server, and exploiting a bug in the software. Once the computer has been infected, the virus will modify the site as accessible and displays the message "Welcome to http://www.worm.com! Hacked by Chinese "Then!, Later this virus will look for another computer to run web server software and do the same thing. After about two weeks of infection, the virus is programmed to launch DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on certain websites, including the White House servers.

4. Conficker: Losses $ 9.1 billion

Conficker (also called Downup, Downandup and Kido) is a worm that emerged in October 2008. Conficker attacked Windows and most commonly found in Windows XP. Microsoft released a patch to stop worm was on October 15, 2008. Heinz Heise estimates that Conficker has infected 2.5 million PCs on January 15, 2009, while The Guardian estimated 3.5 million PCs terinfeksi.Pada January 16, 2009, this worm has infected almost 9 million PCs, and making it one of the fastest virus infection spreads in a short time .

3. ILOVEYOU - Loss $ 15 billion

The worm came from Manila, Philippines on May 4, 2000 and spread throughout the world in one day, moved to Hong Kong, then to Europe and the United States, causing economic losses of about $ 5.5 billion in less than two weeks. In 2000, 50 million people infected with this virus have been reported. In order to liberate themselves from this virus, the Pentagon, CIA, and the British Parliament should be shut down their email systems;. As did most of the world's great companies.

This worm overwrite important files - music files, multimedia files, and more - with a copy of itself. The virus also sends the worm to the first fifty people in the book list of friends. Because it is written in Visual Basic Script and connected with Windows Address Book of Outlook, this worm only affects computers running Microsoft Windows operating system.

2. Sobig.F - Loss $ 37 billion

A computer virus is causing loss of billions of dollars by stalling or really hit the Internet gateway and email server, so mercilessly slowing global internet access. This virus can send more than one million copies of itself in just a few hours. In September 2003, this virus has been programmed to disable itself. And finally the virus stopped threatening the world by itself.

1. MyDoom - Loss $ 38 billion

Start attacking dated February 1, 2004, this virus makes a backdoor in the OS. The first time it started to date a DDoS. Secondly, on the 12th of February, the virus stopped spreading and began creating backdoors. MyDoom spreads via email, but it always search on search engines, like Google began to receive millions of search queries and make slow until it crashes. Because of MyDoom, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer proposed making the National Response Center Virus.

6 Most Advanced Sniper Weapons In the World

This rifle is actually a regular assault rifle. But because it has features - features that exceed the usual assault rifles such as: 7.62 x 51 mm caliber, magasennya only fit 20 rounds only and is too heavy. In addition a further range than ordinary assault rifle caliber 5.56 x 45 mm NATO and berakurasi topnotch then encouraged to try to pair the telescope peeper targets on it and the result is positive. G - 3 capable of hitting targets with a landslide of steel plate at a distance of 750 meters.

2. Psg-1
PSG - 1 is the replacement G - 3. Applying semi-automatic rifle is a sniper rifle squads mainstay of the German Army special forces until recently. With a capital bullet caliber NATO 7.62 x 51 mm gun could reach targets at a distance of 850 meters without difficulty. Ability is obtained thanks to the heavy barrel that was applied to the barrel. Heavy Barrel system can improve the accuracy due to vibration in the barrel can be minimized.

3. SVD Dragunov
The dreaded sniper rifle U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan since the Taliban every sniper hiding in the mountains - mountain Afgan hold. Dragunov is a Russian-made sniper rifle based on the AK - 47. Only relatively sophisticated system of retaining hentakannya recoilnya so smooth. Dragunov ahead in the points range and accuracy. Pelurung can hit targets at a distance of 950 feet. This ability is clearly beyond the ability of western sniper rifles. Capability can be achieved thanks to a larger caliber, which is 7.292 x 79 mm in Warsawa.

4. L - 96 A -1 / AWP
This rifle is a sniper rifle mainstay of the Royal Army (British Army). Guns that have a price for mercy This includes best-in-class rifle bolt action. This rifle has the ability to use 2 caliber. First caliber 7.62 x 51 mm NATO caliber Lapua Magnum and the second. To change the caliber simply by replacing the barrel and the rifle alone chambernya this action can directly hit the target 1100 yards away with his caliber Lapua Magnum.

5. Remington 700

This is one of the best sniper rifle in the world. Developed from the success of the Winchester 70, Remington 700 on select again later when the U.S. needs a new sniper, M24 Remington 700 models developed since 1962, when U.S. Marines Winchester refused a request for a replacement barrel. Charlos Hatchock including user model 700. The photo above is the Winchester 70.

6. Steyr scout

Steyr SSG rifle duck (Scharf Shutzen Gewer 69) developed and manufactured by the manufacturer Steyr-Daimler-Puch, Austria (Steyr Not Manlincher). Technically, SSG-69 bolt action systems operate, rotating bolt (6 lug) with input magasen. Rifle, named SSG 69 (AKA SSG-P1) originally equipped with metal pisir, and the modified version is not equipped pisir. In the United States was coded M24 rifle and is widely used by the shooter duck from the U.S. Army (later matched by the Remington Model 700).

Evolution of Blackberry Smartphone

Who does not know the super-sophisticated devices made ​​by Canadian vendor named this BlackBerry?
Ranging from street vendors to conglomerate the top level yet look cool if this one has not been carrying the device.
But announcing your forms and BlackBerry models from the start it was first created?
Here there are 22 models blacberry from time to time that they put out by RIM (BB Manufacturer)

1. Blackberry 850
Black Berry devices were first introduced in 1999. Supporting unlimited email and HTML browsing, a small device screen displays a monochrome (black and white screen).

2. BlackBerry 857
Comes with a larger screen but still monochrome 

3. BlackBerry 5810
Is the first model with the ability of the phone with the headset

4. BlackBerry 6200
Display screen resolution of 160 × 100 pixels remains the same is monochrome.

5. BlackBerry 6510
Is an integrated mobile phone with an integrated two-way radio 

6. BlackBerry 6710
This series phones have a large monochrome screen and is integrated with a 900/1900 MHz GSM / GPRS (can browse).

7. BlackBerry 7210
Well, here's the first Blackberry to sail colors  

8. The BlackBerry 7100t
This series implement a technology called 'SureType', so the use of the keypad can be minimized. 

9. BlackBerry 8700
Can display the screen of 320x240 pixels and 65K color depth   

10. BlackBerry 8100
Marked the introduction of a new trackball interface and a digital camera 1.3 MP.

11. BlackBerry 8800 (GPS).

12. BlackBerry 8320 (Wifi). 

13. Blackberry 8330 (New OS).

14. Blackberry 9000 Bold (Blacberry Messenger).

15. BlackBerry 8900 Javelin (Trackball navigation + Wifi).

16. Blackberry 8520 Gemini (Mid-end price). 

17. Blackberry Storm (TFT capacitive touchscreen).

18. Blackberry Onyx (Touch-sensitive, Optical Trackpad and New OS).

19. Blackberry Torch

20. Blackberry Thunder (with no qwerty keypad).  

21. BlackBerry Magnum 

 22.  Blackberry Empathy

With the most cutting-edge design and technology (but not yet sold freely, there is a new prototype) even with new technology: Morphing Sequence, Biometrics Ring, Static Keypad (which he says is made of crystal) And until now or later Blackberry will continue to evolve, only now who has been no significant evolution, because the Blackberry is still the same as 8320, only superior in the capacity of the camera, applications, forms, etc., there has been no significant additions, maybe later.
So if you are a Blackbarrians definitely can not wait for the next evolution.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive ( CS:GO ) First Look

It's easy to forget how unforgiving Counter-Strike can be. Valve's competitive online shooter truly rewards the skilled and stomps all over the newcomers. There are no Call of Duty-style kill streaks, no artillery barrages to call in or packs of dogs to let loose. It's just you, your guns, a few grenade types and your ability to react. Map knowledge, teamwork and quick reflexes are the only things that matter.

With Global Offensive (or GO), the next version of Counter-Strike, Valve isn't trying to completely reinvent the franchise. This isn't Counter-Strike 2, it's more like an incremental update. Terrorists still fight Counter-Terrorists in round-based combat. You still plant bombs on Dust and rescue hostages on Office. Some maps, like Dust and Aztec, received updates while others, like Dust 2, are largely unchanged. Though the changes aren't wild, franchise fans will find a few new interesting additions to the formula that may very well turn out to be series staples moving forward.

Read Skyrim's Books On Your Ipad, KindleFire Or Another Portable Devices

Skyrim sure has a lot of in-game books. The game almost feels like a virtual library at times. And while all that reading can be interesting and relaxing, it also detracts attention from the task at hand, which usually involves killin' loads of things. Thankfully, a solution is at hand.

A Skyrim fan has compiled all of the game's books into one handy download, meaning you can now kill things on your PC by day, and then read about Skyrim's history on your iPad at night. The book compilation is available for Kindle (.mobi) and Nook, iOS, and others (.epub). You can download it for free here.