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10 Most Destructive Computer and Harmful Viruses

This is the most destructive and harmful viruses

10. CIH - Loss $ 80,000,000

The virus is considered one of the most dangerous viruses and the most destructive ever since it has the ability to remain undetected in the computer memory, and infect every application running. First released in 1998, the CIH virus infects executable files from Windows operating systems 95, 98, until Windows ME.

The virus is also deliberately distributed by software vendors, who provide a major contribution to infect computers. What makes this virus is dangerous is that it has a trigger date. After that date is reached, it overwrite the file on your hard drive and destroy all the contents of the file.

CIH also has the ability to override the BIOS of the computer to prevent the boot up. The virus is also known as the Chernobyl virus because some variants are set to destroy data on computers that coincided with the nuclear power plant accident.

9. Blaster - Loss $ 320 million

Virus Blaster is a complex malware that spreads itself without going through email, but through good security vulnerability in Windows 2000 and Windows XP. This malicious software is detected in mid-2003 and at that time to have infected hundreds of thousands of computers.

Once the computer is infected, the virus displays a message box indicating that the system will shut down within a few minutes. He also programmed to launch DDoS attacks to servers run by Microsoft in April 2003. Inside the virus code is also found hidden messages to Microsoft founder Bill Gates that read "Billy Gates, why do you make this happen? Stop making money and fix your software! "

8. Sasser - Loss $ 500 million

Sasser is a fairly complicated computer virus capable of crippling thousands of computers. The virus is made by a 17-year-old student in Germany in 2004. Sasser is not spread by email, and do not require human intervention to infect a computer. This virus infects computers by exploiting vulnerabilities that are present on both machines Windows 2000 and Windows XP, known as the exploit (Remote Procedure Call) RPC - the same vulnerability used by Blaster virus.
Sasser timeline.
Sasser successfully infect and kill thousands of network computers in just a matter of days. After infecting a computer, the virus is programmed to access the Internet for other vulnerable machines so it can infect other computers.

7. SQL Slammer - Loss $ 750 million

SQL Slammer virus is the most destructive ranked seventh in this list. Appeared in January 2003, spread quickly via the Internet. At that time the virus could make Bank of America ATM service crashes, the collapse of Seattle 911 service, and Continental Airlines canceled some flights because of an error check in and ticketing.

6. Melissa Virus - Loss $ 1,200,000,000

Made in 1999 by David L. Smith, Microsoft Word basics macros. It spreads via email with the document "Here Is that document you asked for, do not show it to anybodey else." Virus also has infected up to 20% of computer owners worldwide. When it comes to be opened, the virus will replicate and automatically sent to the top 50 in your email address book. Smith was jailed 20 months for his actions and was fined $ 5,000 and barred from accessing the computer without supervision.

5. Code Red - Loss $ 2,000,000,000

Unlike other viruses, this is a virus that is targeted to a computer running Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Server) Web Server, and exploiting a bug in the software. Once the computer has been infected, the virus will modify the site as accessible and displays the message "Welcome to! Hacked by Chinese "Then!, Later this virus will look for another computer to run web server software and do the same thing. After about two weeks of infection, the virus is programmed to launch DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack on certain websites, including the White House servers.

4. Conficker: Losses $ 9.1 billion

Conficker (also called Downup, Downandup and Kido) is a worm that emerged in October 2008. Conficker attacked Windows and most commonly found in Windows XP. Microsoft released a patch to stop worm was on October 15, 2008. Heinz Heise estimates that Conficker has infected 2.5 million PCs on January 15, 2009, while The Guardian estimated 3.5 million PCs terinfeksi.Pada January 16, 2009, this worm has infected almost 9 million PCs, and making it one of the fastest virus infection spreads in a short time .

3. ILOVEYOU - Loss $ 15 billion

The worm came from Manila, Philippines on May 4, 2000 and spread throughout the world in one day, moved to Hong Kong, then to Europe and the United States, causing economic losses of about $ 5.5 billion in less than two weeks. In 2000, 50 million people infected with this virus have been reported. In order to liberate themselves from this virus, the Pentagon, CIA, and the British Parliament should be shut down their email systems;. As did most of the world's great companies.

This worm overwrite important files - music files, multimedia files, and more - with a copy of itself. The virus also sends the worm to the first fifty people in the book list of friends. Because it is written in Visual Basic Script and connected with Windows Address Book of Outlook, this worm only affects computers running Microsoft Windows operating system.

2. Sobig.F - Loss $ 37 billion

A computer virus is causing loss of billions of dollars by stalling or really hit the Internet gateway and email server, so mercilessly slowing global internet access. This virus can send more than one million copies of itself in just a few hours. In September 2003, this virus has been programmed to disable itself. And finally the virus stopped threatening the world by itself.

1. MyDoom - Loss $ 38 billion

Start attacking dated February 1, 2004, this virus makes a backdoor in the OS. The first time it started to date a DDoS. Secondly, on the 12th of February, the virus stopped spreading and began creating backdoors. MyDoom spreads via email, but it always search on search engines, like Google began to receive millions of search queries and make slow until it crashes. Because of MyDoom, U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer proposed making the National Response Center Virus.

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