Wednesday, November 30, 2011

10 Tricks to Sharpen Memory

Memory is identical to the age factor. The more advanced a person's age, his memory decline. However, many ways you can do to maximize the ability of our memory.

1. Brain Gymnastics
Such brain muscles that need to be trained regularly. The trick, create a challenge or a guess-tebakkan for yourself that can sharpen memory. For example, mention the title of old songs, considering the poem as a child, or call the 10 items in the refrigerator.

2. Food
Not only fish oil that can sharpen your memory, but also the material is red and purple foods like blueberries, fruit bits, and scallions. Folic acid rich foods like broccoli, bananas, and legumes are also useful to maintain brain health.

3. White Water
Facts show that the whole organ function will run well when it gets enough water intake. No exception of brain function. Get used to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

4. Sleep Enough

Sleep is needed in order to rest and regenerate body cells. Including brain cells. Therefore, try to get up cooperation both physically and mentally in order to create healthy and quality sleep.

5. Relaxed
Pressure or stress makes the brain work to weaken and difficulty concentrating. In such a case, rest sejek while doing relaxing activities like reading books, playing games online to restore the brain works.

6. Brain teasers
Habits do crossword puzzles available in newspapers or play Sudoku on mobile phones positively beneficial to improve one's memory.

7. Think
Given the one thing that never appeared on the head definitely annoying. When experience, do not panic. Settle down for a moment, thinking about light things like fruits, kinds of water sports, or the names of friends. These activities will help a person more quickly given the important things that he had forgotten.

8. An excursion to the Past
Looking back on the things of the past are not directly train the long-term memory. When returning home for example, try to bring back childhood memories.

9. Thinking Through Images

This method can be practiced when preparing a shopping list. Note the items to be purchased while imagining myself walking down the supermarket aisles and find the desired product.

10. Sport
Perform physical exercise stimulates blood circulation improvements such as jogging, and aerobics. Smooth blood circulation will increase the production of oxygen to the brain which is very useful to sharpen thinking skills.

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