Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 Most Advanced Sniper Weapons In the World

This rifle is actually a regular assault rifle. But because it has features - features that exceed the usual assault rifles such as: 7.62 x 51 mm caliber, magasennya only fit 20 rounds only and is too heavy. In addition a further range than ordinary assault rifle caliber 5.56 x 45 mm NATO and berakurasi topnotch then encouraged to try to pair the telescope peeper targets on it and the result is positive. G - 3 capable of hitting targets with a landslide of steel plate at a distance of 750 meters.

2. Psg-1
PSG - 1 is the replacement G - 3. Applying semi-automatic rifle is a sniper rifle squads mainstay of the German Army special forces until recently. With a capital bullet caliber NATO 7.62 x 51 mm gun could reach targets at a distance of 850 meters without difficulty. Ability is obtained thanks to the heavy barrel that was applied to the barrel. Heavy Barrel system can improve the accuracy due to vibration in the barrel can be minimized.

3. SVD Dragunov
The dreaded sniper rifle U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan since the Taliban every sniper hiding in the mountains - mountain Afgan hold. Dragunov is a Russian-made sniper rifle based on the AK - 47. Only relatively sophisticated system of retaining hentakannya recoilnya so smooth. Dragunov ahead in the points range and accuracy. Pelurung can hit targets at a distance of 950 feet. This ability is clearly beyond the ability of western sniper rifles. Capability can be achieved thanks to a larger caliber, which is 7.292 x 79 mm in Warsawa.

4. L - 96 A -1 / AWP
This rifle is a sniper rifle mainstay of the Royal Army (British Army). Guns that have a price for mercy This includes best-in-class rifle bolt action. This rifle has the ability to use 2 caliber. First caliber 7.62 x 51 mm NATO caliber Lapua Magnum and the second. To change the caliber simply by replacing the barrel and the rifle alone chambernya this action can directly hit the target 1100 yards away with his caliber Lapua Magnum.

5. Remington 700

This is one of the best sniper rifle in the world. Developed from the success of the Winchester 70, Remington 700 on select again later when the U.S. needs a new sniper, M24 Remington 700 models developed since 1962, when U.S. Marines Winchester refused a request for a replacement barrel. Charlos Hatchock including user model 700. The photo above is the Winchester 70.

6. Steyr scout

Steyr SSG rifle duck (Scharf Shutzen Gewer 69) developed and manufactured by the manufacturer Steyr-Daimler-Puch, Austria (Steyr Not Manlincher). Technically, SSG-69 bolt action systems operate, rotating bolt (6 lug) with input magasen. Rifle, named SSG 69 (AKA SSG-P1) originally equipped with metal pisir, and the modified version is not equipped pisir. In the United States was coded M24 rifle and is widely used by the shooter duck from the U.S. Army (later matched by the Remington Model 700).

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