Wednesday, November 30, 2011

KMI Will Maintain the Ninja 2-strokes at Least Until 2015

Bombardment of information about square off ditegakanya Euro-3 regulations by the government would no doubt make the issue of termination of production of two stroke engines sticking out. Understandably tolerance Ninja 150 engine currently still limited to the Euro 2. But it did not make the manufacturer of "gang ijo" were afraid

Reiner Sitorus (GM promotion KMI) as reported by Dapurpacu revealed that the Ninja 150 will still be produced at least until 2015. The high demand in several regions make to maintain Skips Kawasaki engine. Statement arguably a breath of fresh air amid the uncertainty of market issues. And according to the personal views of the IMA is doing the right decision. Do not let the vague rumors instead will make consumers fail and feel free to woo the Ninja 150 2 stroke

Still remember the case of Yamaha RX-King, who toppled from the competitive landscape of the market due to the strong public opinion that the 2-stroke engines are prohibited from passing on the streets of the ground water?. The issue of Euro-2 was then toned sound that many people buy sikobra frightened. Various attempts were made tuning fork in order to maintain its existence through engine modifications and the installation of catalic converter. Unfortunately Endeavor failed miserably because consumers do not support it because of fear. The result? production RX-King is officially terminated

In fact until now the cobra still strolled casually. Want to go on the street corners of the protocol or safe area ... the legendary motorcycle is not disturbed. In fact ... now, the much sought after 135cc iron horse. Practical former price high enough for the size of the old 2 stroke motors. Well ... that is, do not be afraid for the biker who already or even want to woo the Ninja 150. Yet KMI expressly says that they still make the Ninja 150 as a flagship product that will be maintained production. Lha ... how to continue after 2015?

There may be a re-review. Upgrade capabilities possible fuel atomizer. Or revolution so that the two stroke engine remains environmentally friendly. I do not know. Let the thought of the IMA. As said by Iwan the termination of a product can not be done if the product itself is still selling well.

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