Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Evolution of Blackberry Smartphone

Who does not know the super-sophisticated devices made ​​by Canadian vendor named this BlackBerry?
Ranging from street vendors to conglomerate the top level yet look cool if this one has not been carrying the device.
But announcing your forms and BlackBerry models from the start it was first created?
Here there are 22 models blacberry from time to time that they put out by RIM (BB Manufacturer)

1. Blackberry 850
Black Berry devices were first introduced in 1999. Supporting unlimited email and HTML browsing, a small device screen displays a monochrome (black and white screen).

2. BlackBerry 857
Comes with a larger screen but still monochrome 

3. BlackBerry 5810
Is the first model with the ability of the phone with the headset

4. BlackBerry 6200
Display screen resolution of 160 × 100 pixels remains the same is monochrome.

5. BlackBerry 6510
Is an integrated mobile phone with an integrated two-way radio 

6. BlackBerry 6710
This series phones have a large monochrome screen and is integrated with a 900/1900 MHz GSM / GPRS (can browse).

7. BlackBerry 7210
Well, here's the first Blackberry to sail colors  

8. The BlackBerry 7100t
This series implement a technology called 'SureType', so the use of the keypad can be minimized. 

9. BlackBerry 8700
Can display the screen of 320x240 pixels and 65K color depth   

10. BlackBerry 8100
Marked the introduction of a new trackball interface and a digital camera 1.3 MP.

11. BlackBerry 8800 (GPS).

12. BlackBerry 8320 (Wifi). 

13. Blackberry 8330 (New OS).

14. Blackberry 9000 Bold (Blacberry Messenger).

15. BlackBerry 8900 Javelin (Trackball navigation + Wifi).

16. Blackberry 8520 Gemini (Mid-end price). 

17. Blackberry Storm (TFT capacitive touchscreen).

18. Blackberry Onyx (Touch-sensitive, Optical Trackpad and New OS).

19. Blackberry Torch

20. Blackberry Thunder (with no qwerty keypad).  

21. BlackBerry Magnum 

 22.  Blackberry Empathy

With the most cutting-edge design and technology (but not yet sold freely, there is a new prototype) even with new technology: Morphing Sequence, Biometrics Ring, Static Keypad (which he says is made of crystal) And until now or later Blackberry will continue to evolve, only now who has been no significant evolution, because the Blackberry is still the same as 8320, only superior in the capacity of the camera, applications, forms, etc., there has been no significant additions, maybe later.
So if you are a Blackbarrians definitely can not wait for the next evolution.

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