Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Is Kawasaki ER6N Would Undermine Ducati Monster the Market in Indonesia?

Very interesting after reading an article from Iwan on Is Kawasaki Ducati Monster ER6N Would Undermine the Market in Indonesia?. As Japanese manufacturers dare KMI 650cc motorcycle market with a hefty price affordable. Genre mototor make big naked bike we can not help glancing at the red kepabrikan Italy. Because only Ducati's currently listed quite successful Monsters breezed through the ground water series. Maneuver, stretching as well as the Bologna gebrakannya make sales continue to soar in the last 3 years. The question is, whether the market ER6N could threaten the existence Ducati ?

In a logical point of view might be yes. But .... Not if we are able to observe the class target market manufacturers. The point? with a tag of IDR 99 million OTR Jakarta, ER6N more suitable for the biker who wants to ride a class of two-cylinder Ninja 250r. Well calculated residence multiplied by two prices of Ninja 250r ... can the naked 650cc bike. Offered price tag makes it even stronger. KMI will understand these conditions so that the setup of suppressed prices as much as possible with the aim of raising the value of the big motor. Continue what about Ducati ? 

Clearly different!. If we look, consumers who rode Ducati average is one of the upper classes. Where the money is not an issue. Even everyday car is a car-luxury car. It seems impossible that they run away or turn the bow into ER6N Kawasaki product because of money problems. Because their brains are looking for value, but not the prestige or pride. And of course the brand Ducati has it. Do not believe it?? Look at the Ducati Monster wrote down the prices consumers actually disappointed. Let it remain expensive he said.

Now answer honestly, imagine if you were rich people, a lot of money, property billions of IDR On offer Ducati Monster and Kawasaki ERN6, which one you choose??

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