Sunday, November 20, 2011

Why negative sentiment towards Google+ is asinine and premature

According to the LA Times, Google+ interest is fading. According to logic, history, and common sense, Google+ is exactly where it needs to be.

Lest we forget, Google+ grew to 20 million and then to 50 million users ten times faster than Facebook. “Fading interest” is not a challenge for a site that grew that quickly. It’s a fact that would happen to any site that grew through buzz. Simply stated, buzz excitement is unsustainable. Google knows this. The LA Times and other bloggers apparently do not.

Most things are falling into place exactly as Google has predicted. They’ve had some major missteps in the roll-out, but it’s been arguably the most successful social media site launch in history. People are using it. The peaks are still happening with Hitwise reporting that they just had their third-biggest week since launch.

The reason that bloggers and journalists are missing the point that Google and others seem to see clearly is because they don’t understand the master plan. Google does not want to be Facebook. They don’t even want to beat Facebook. They are following the path that Facebook blazed with the end goal being absolute integration by businesses within all of their Google services (Google+, Places, Adwords, etc) while also getting complete integration by users (email, productivity, social networking, shopping, etc.).

Towards that goal, Google is exactly where they want to be. “Experts” expecting them to have every duck in a row forget that Google is in a major rush. They have failed in everything they’ve done so far in social media. They’re simply late to the game. As a result, they had to launch and then make adjustments and innovations on the fly.

They have a lot of room for error. They can mess this up. The one thing they don’t have to worry about at this point is fading user interest. Early adopters of nearly every social media site have short attention spans. It’s part of the personality. It’s part of the game.

This time next year, Google+ will not be worried about fading interest. They’ll be worried about sustaining the monster they’re in the process of building.

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