Monday, December 5, 2011

Can Android Overtake Apple?

The tablet and smartphone marketplace is a crowded one and, as time progresses, it is getting increasingly competitive too. When Apple first released the iPad they had a world first, but this has since been followed by countless tablet devices that often do much the same job. However, while Apple is known for its premium products, that generally come with a high price tag to match, many rival tablets are coming to market and a great many of them come running the Android operating system.

A big hit

The Google Android OS has been doing very good business as many smartphone manufacturers have introduced it into their handsets. And, with the advent of the tablet, then the Honeycomb version of the OS has proved ideal for integrating into these too. As a result, Android has gone on to become the operating system of the moment for many users, thanks to its affordable nature and wealth of apps.

Of course, the battle of Apple versus Android is always going to be a little bit lopsided because the former got there first. Just looking at the huge volume of apps that are available for the Apple platform puts it ahead of the game over what can currently be found on the Android Market. What's more, there is a slightly more superior quality control process exercised by Apple over the apps that can make it to market, whereas Android is much more of a free for all.

Great changes

Things could be about to change, however, with the arrival of the new updated Android operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich. This takes all of the great features from the smartphone and tablet versions seen previously and adds a whole new array of options. Those who have used it say it is hugely successful in what it does and some of the tools inside are pretty impressive. There is much talk about the face recognition feature that enables users to unlock their device by staring at it, which is stylish to say the least.

However, it's the general usability of the new update and its completely revamped interface that could persuade non Android converts to take another look at tablets without an Apple emblem on the front of them. After all, if you can get a very decent level of functionality from a device that could cost considerably less than an Apple one then it may well convert more than a few new and existing tablet users to head for the Google produced OS.

Style and substance

However, good as the new Android update appears to be, one of the biggest hurdles that the crop of non-Apple tablets face is that of desirability. After all, you only need to look at the iPhone and see how well that has done to see that, even though Apple products are expensive, some people will go to any lengths to own them, irrespective of the often over- inflated price tag.

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