Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Cheat PB (Point Blank) Replace Weapon

This time I will update the cheat for the month of December, is replace weapon cheat.

Replace Weapon features:
[-] Numpad 1: Jack Hammer
[-] Numpad 2: Famas M203
[-] Numpad 3 AUG A3 D
[-] Numpad 4: P90 Ext D
[-] Numpad 5: SPAS S.I
[-] Numpad 6: M1887 (Shotgun Cowboy)
[-] Numpad 7: M4A1 S.I
[-] Numpad 8: Magnum
[-] Numpad 9: AK Sopmod
[-] Numpad 0: Reset All Weapon

Method To Not Detected Illegal Program:
[-] First do not activate the hotkeys any time before entry PB
[-] When entering rooms and play, suicide was a one-time
[-] Then when respawn (if skarang is no respawn mission), so that when they died 

Immediately press hotkeys
[-] Then dispose of weapons that have been replace it (press G), retake
[-] After all is finished do not forget to reset all the weapon (1-2 minutes before it finished the game ends)

[-] SC ™ yOvi3 ° • ˚
[-] All member
it's no virus..

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