Thursday, December 1, 2011

The World's Sexiest Gamer Girls

Games, not only by the men crazy, but also liked by women. In fact, not uncommon among them succeed as a professional gamer. As these 4 women.

As quoted from zimbo, 4 women below not only earned the nickname as the sexiest gamer, but also a successful career as a professional gamer perk.

Olivia Munn

Outside of work as a model, broadcaster and television host, beautiful women who like to take apart the computer also can not get out of the game. Especially car racing game.

Veronica Belmont

Women 26 years old from San Francisco had a chance to write an article about the game on Cnet site. Now due to his hobby of playing the game, as he believed Sony Qore on the PlayStation Network.

Jessica Chobot

The name of this beautiful woman starts jumped after scene sexy PlayStation Portable with licking his. he
also fond of Anime, Manga and it is definitely a video game.

Morgan Webb

In addition to its main job as a cable television host, this sexy lady also doubles as a network administrator and gaming journalists. He also claimed never to be separated from the video game.

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