Saturday, February 4, 2012

The arrival of Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS slap existence of Japanese products?

Since the economic woes of war .... Japan was determined to rise. Studying tirelessly and continue to refine knowledge in all sectors. Gradually turn adversity into success. In terms of technology, especially two-wheeler .... they're the king. While European manufacturers prefer to play moge class ... they are keenly kubikasi little iron horse mix. European and American markets that previously did resistance ... eventually welcomed Japanese products. Economical, reliable, high mobility, economic, competitive price and quality competition makes the Japanese bikes biker quickly captured the hearts of the whole world. Until the time of change .....

India came the manufacturer is able to offer the motor with the quality and competitive prices. They like to know that not only required a small kubikasi efficient and economical, but also toned. Measure of demand and the trend has shifted. When the ancient biker motor is used only for modest mobility ...... has now become a sort of cap or prestige that could lift the proud owner or a sense of pride. Consumers are also getting smarter ... not easily deceived by the appearance of rudimentary facelift. That's why ... Bajaj, a manufacturer that observers underestimated by the majority of the automotive world is able to mix the iron horses qualified at an affordable price. No doubt thousands of questions arise, what's wrong with Japan? why they are already in existence as a reliable manufacturer since ancient times, a dog seems under 200ns after the emergence of Bajaj Pulsar?

Judging by the performance ... Pulsar brojolnya 200ns can be said is indeed a slap in the face for Japanese products. Do not believe? please peep the motorsport comparative table Here

In my opinion, does not threaten. Perhaps the right language is .... gnawing. To the threat level ... still a long way since a lot of homework that must be addressed by the manufacturer of India, especially the coverage 3S, mechanical skills plus less than the maximum standard of service to each dealer. These side effects are very large. Anyway .... IWB actually believe they can also mix a powerful iron horses .... Pulsar 200cc 23.5HP output. But the consequences? ... Usual price tag will be boosted. If forced to cheap .... typically will occur efficiency or cost cuts that ultimately affect the quality decline. That fact is often the case. Last .... a challenge for Japanese manufacturers to brojolin segarang P200NS iron horse at an affordable price. Well ... is not easy because it involves profit plus trappings of bureaucracy that we do not know. Are they able to offer an iron horse as cheaply, as cool and as firm as the manufacturer of India?

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